Welcome to Karl's XJ Cherokee Page

This page is dedicated to my project XJ (aren't they all projects?)

I am going to document as fully as I can all changes I have made, as well as give my personal advice on maintenace and set up of your XJ. I am doing this for myself as well as to try and save you from Making the same mistake I surely will.
Also¸ right when I bought the thing ¨Four Wheeler¨ magazine did an article on building a $4500.00 trail rig. I will follow my progress on this as well.

Here are a couple picture of my Cherokee before I start work. (Or break it on the trail, whichever comes first) It is a 1991 Laredo. I have the 4.0 HO enginge, a 5 speed Manual, & 231 Transfer case.
The tires were in great shape when I bought it, they are an all terrain design, a generic one available at “Discount Tire“ The body is straight¸ something I looked for when buying it¸ but as you can see the paint is not perfect. I figure there will be some trail damage down the road so I was not that worried about the paint.
I picked this up pretty cheap because the previous owner didn't take very good care of it. I bought it anyway for two reasons. 1, I am mechanically inclined so I figured I could fix it myself. 2, I got the HO engine with the '91 as well as rear shoulder harneses for the kids. This is my daily driver so It will not get really radical¸ at least not a first ;-) .

SO!!! Here are the links to my other pages with all of the details

Details about my Jeep Jeep details and errata.
How I am doing on the $4500.00 trail rig. Money I have and will spend
Are your Feet getting wet?
Mine were. How to re open the drain on your air conditioning.
A.C. Drain.
Are your Rear wipers failing?
Clean up the gearbox to get them moving again.
Rear Wiper rebuild
My two cent on cooling systems. Water?
Adjust Your Rear Brakes.
This is much more important than you thought!
Bleed your brakes.
This is a good maintenance item that should be done annually.
Brake bleeding.
Tinted windows, a little cooler inside. Tint 'Em
Rock Rails Home made Rock Rails
New (Junkyard) Axles¸ for the 3.73's that are in ´em. Putting in the new axles.
Front Bumper with Tow attachments. Building the front bumper
Rear Bumper with receiver built in. The new rear bumper.
My First lift, 3“ my lift
Bigger Tires New tires and Wheels
Fender Trimming and 33¨ Tires Cutting the sheetmetal.
Why YJ brake lines are better than stock lines. 3¨ longer and better protected.
'96 Booster and MC for better braking New Booster
New seats for the old XJ New Seats
WHAT! I have to Start again. The wreck of the Black XJ :-(
Oops page.
Mistakes I have made, for your enjoyment.
New OOPS added 12-19-2002
My Mistakes

Here is a picture of my son, Colton, at a place we stopped for lunch. It is on Flowers road. I plan on doing a trip report on this, but this is the only picture I have.

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I am also a member of Colorado XJ E-mail list. I have recieved much help and good advice here.

I found the Colorado XJ list through Tiffany Trott's page, there are tech articles as well here,

Glenn has an excellent page. There is a great section for Newbies (Like me) as well as some great tech stuff as well.

Big Off Road has been a very big help as well.

John John's personal page, with links to other owners pages as well is

There are some other links to Cherokee America on this site. There are quite a few tech articles on the site beside the couple I have linked. You can find them at