Here is the rear bumper I bought. Someone rear ended me at a stop sign, I bought this with the money her insurance company gave me to have the stock one fixed. It is from Custom 4X4 Fabrications.

This is the bumper as I opened the box.
Here are the "reinforcments" that came with the bumper to support the receiver. They are just 1/4" plate.
I called and complained about the weak reinforcments. I was assured that because the bumper attached to the frame where the stock bumper did, this was all the reinforcment it needed to carry the weight of a trailer.
But they also offered to make me some stronger ones if i would like, so this is what they sent me. The smaller pieces are welded up like a piece of angle now, and have another support that goes under the bumper for another attachment point.
The longer pieces streach as far as the factory bumper reinforcments do in the "frame".
I did however run into trouble trying to mount these. The longer pieces did not have two holes drilled up front for the first two bolt holes to match up with the smaller pieces. I also had to grind them about 1/4" shorter so they would not interfere with the lip on the rear edge of the unibody.
After all of this I thought I finally had them set to go, but all of the bolt holes would not line up. I could either put the two bolts in the rear of the brace, or the two in the front of the brace, but not all four at once. I ended up just using the improved small braces.
If I ever get the time and inclination, I will either make my own braces from some 1/4" angle to only catch the three bolt holes nearest the bumper (That is another story about getting around the tailpipe hanger) or find someone with a mill and elongate the bolt holes to make the big braces work.
This shows the bumper on and the braces I used.
This shows how the bumber fits the body. (And of course my dirty car.)
This shows how it fits the rear lights.

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