When I first bought my XJ the AC worked, but the drain did not. When you cool the air and don't have somewhere for the water that condenses out to go, it collects somewhere. In your car that is the fan housing.

When the fan housing gets full, it starts to overflow. Into the car. This was a minor annoiance at first. But then I had to take a drive down to the Springs one day. The car and AC ran for about 8 hours straight. On the way home I begain to play with the puddles in my footwells with my feet, splashing around some (hey you have to do SOMETHING while you sit in traffic!). But when I got to my offramp, it is a 270 degree right hand turn, about a gallon (OK maybe a quart) of refigerated water dumped right on top of my feet. That was the last straw, I am finding the drain NOW and unplugging it!

I started by removing my lower dash panel¸ This is described in my Haynes sevice book¸ but it doesn't really matter because you don't have to do this.

I then crawled under the dash to find where the housing exits through the Firewall.
Here is the same thing, but with the carpet pulled back.
Again you can skip this step because I have done it for you.
Here is what you need to find. The shiny black spot here is where the drain hose used to slip onto the housing as it exits the firewall. It is behide the charcoal canister and under it a little. I knew I had the right hose because when I pulled it off about two cups of water came out.
Here is the hose itself. I don't know how it happened¸ but mine was clogged with mud. I simply ran some water through it to clean it out.

I then put it back on and all has been well since.

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