Here is my work building the Front Bumper.

I do not have a drawing for this, I just worked out the design in my head and did it. It is made from 3X6 box 1/4 of an inch thick. My intent is to make it air tight so I can use it as an air tank if I add onboard air down the line.
Other details will be pointed out by the pictures.

This is the 3X6 tube after I cut it in the center. I cut it so I could bend it. The stock bumper is not straight, it curves with the front, I wanted mine to follow this some. I put a metal cutting blade in my circular saw and made the cut. I had to use an angle grinder to finish the cuts all the way to the front of the bumper. I did not cut all the way through, I left the front 6 inch side uncut.

A picture of the cut.

This is the 3X6 tube ready to be welded. You can see the cable from the puller in the pic, that is how I bent the tube. I got 1.5 of bend from end to end.
I used 4 inch wide by 1/4 inch thick flat stock for reinforcments allong the unibody. I also want the bumper to supprt my front tow points, so I wanted to spread the load as far as possible. On the drivers side here you can see that the plate also uses two of the three bolts that hold the power stearing on to hold it to the frame. This can only help support the stearing box as well.
On the inside of the frame I used some 3/16 th inch plate so the bolts I provided would not just bend the unibody, but transfer the force over a little bigger area to clamp it all to the frame. On this side the power stearing box was in the way, so the plate is only for the one bolt. All bolts are grade 8, the one you see here is 5/8 inch.
Here is the brace on the passenger outside. Here you can also see the 1 1/2 by 1/4 inch angle I used to attach the box to the reinforment plates on each side. You can also see that I bolted eveything together before I got it welded. That was for two reasons, because of my schedual I had a hard time getting together with someone to weld this up for me. I also provided some streangth and allowed me to run the bumper on the car before I got it welded. I ran it bolted only for three months.
On the passenger side I was able to fit two 5/8 inch bolts. This plate reinforces for both bolts
I cut the ends of the bumper to the angle of the fender.
I had some "D" rings welded on the front for tow points.
Here is some of the welding being done.
I had end caps welded on and carried the bumper back to protect the side marker lights. One day I may add brush gards to this bumper also.
Here is the bumper ready to go on.
Picture or the bumper on the car.

Now the money part

I bought the steel for $48.00, I paid $20.00 for the bolts, $10.00 for the D rings and $50.00 for the welding. $128.00 total. My trail rig is finally complete for $4404.00.
Not bad at all in my opinion.

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