New (different) seat for the XJ

The base for the drivers seat in my Jeep cracked. The seat started to rock diagonally some. The cloth had already been torn just a little, and the padding was worn down after just 215,000 miles. So it was time to go to the junkyard to see what I could find to fit

I looked at Jeep seats, cause we all know that Cherokee seats only fit Cherokee's. The inverse is, nothing from anything else will be an easy bolt in. But oddly enough, all the Cherokee's I looked had seats in worse shape than mine. So on to other cars.

I took some measurments before heading out, seat width, seat depth, seat back height, distance from floor to seat. And I took all of those with me in my search. It seems most seat really have about the same seating area. The biggest difference is the wide if the bolsters and the seat back.

Anyway I did find a couple of good candidates. I found a Dodge Caravan with some nice seats, and thier base is very low profile, the adjust mechanisum unbolts from that really high base there are mounted on. Unfortunatly, the passenger side seat had a huge rip in the back. There was a nice Ford Escort with the top cut off there too, it's seats were in good shape, and they looked like they would fit the bill, so home they came.

The first thing was to modify the seat bases. The mounts to the Ford were going to do me no good. Besides, removing them would also reduce the height of the base making them easier to fit into the Jeep.
Here is the base with the mounts cut off.
Here is the floor of the Jeep, ready for the new bases to be made.
I had to "clearance" this section of the floor on the drivers side. The stock seat fits really close to the hump here.

I just took a BFH and started slowly "adjusting" the hump for the Transfer case. I would hammer a little, then crawl under and se how close I was to anything. I had to move quite a bit to get the seat to sit low enough but I am stil a long way from having something hit. That may change if I have to take out the transfer case.

I used 1 1/2" by 3/16ths angle to make the new bases. Here you can see how far the drivers seat hangs over the narrow base. This is why the old one cracked. I think with the steel I used there will be no more issues with that.
The passenger side is not as bad. I could have made the base wider, There was room on the floor on that side, but the bolt holes would have still been in the same place, so I don't think I would have really gained anything.
With the seats in, I still had one problem. The tilt for the seat back hit the retract for the seatbelts. This kept the seats from moving as far back as the should.
I decided to swap the seats on there bases. That way the seat back adjust would be in the middle, and not hit the seatbelt retract. There are four bolts on the base of each seat, attaching the seat to the seat track. Because the seat originally had the latch for the belt on the base with them, I had to remove that mount to be able to swap them around.
With the seats swapped on thier bases, the back adjust fit just fine.
Nd another look.

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