I decided to trim my fenders after my first trail run. The 31´s I was running rubbed just a little on the plastic fender flares.
After the trimming and relocating the flares¸ I picked up some 33´s. I will see how well these fit on my next trail ride.

The reason I did the trimming.
First I removed the stock flares.
Then I cut the sheetmetal with some tin snips.
After I trimmed the metal I folded the edges over so the edges would not be sharp. I folded the metal over to the stock holes for the flares.
I relocated the stock flares to the new openings.
I put the bottom of the flares even with the sheetmetal. The way they are mounted stock¸ the flares stick 1¨ below the edge of the sheetmetal.
I also reattched the stock fender liner to help keep the road muck contained.
I did not really cut the rear wells. I only cut them at the front and rear at the radius´¸ That way when I pounded them over I would not tear the sheetmetal too badly.
I used a big hammer to fold the rear sheetmetal in on itself. I did this because I had read about the weld between the inner and outer fender being cut out in some instances¸ which then means you need to re weld the pieces back together.
By just folding the fender in to this weld seam¸ there was no way I would accidentally cut it out¸ and I piced up 2¨ of clearance with this method.
I reattached the stock rear flare.
I had to cut the flare and mount part of it to the door¸ if I had not the flare would have prevented the rear boor from opening.
After this picture was taken I got a second set of stock flares and I cut them to fill the gap you see here.
Here is a picture with the second set of flares cut to fill the gap.
It also shows the 33's mounted.
Here is a picture of the front. This extended the flare lower on the body.
These are the tire that have been on the car. The stock tires, 31's, and the 33's that are on now.
The difference between stock and 33's.
And Colton, who had to be in these pictures. :-)

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