Here is the lift install. I was shooting for three inches¸ but after all was said and done I got 4 inches.

Here is a picture of the rear leafs in place. I didn't show how I put the packs together with the Add a Leafs because there are enough pages out there with that info. I will say though that I used Allen Head cap screws to hold the pack together since the stock bolts were not long enough to reach through the added spring. The Alen head bolt fits perfectly into the hole on the spring pearch to hold the axle in place.
I didn't actually take this pic until I put my new axle in. In the picture you can see the home made spring clamps I made to keep the springs from twising apart. I used some strapping and bolts to hold the packs together.
You can also see the piece of 1.5¨ square tube I put under the bump stop to lower them. I did this so I could use longer shocks to get more droop. Also to try to keep the wheels from stuffing too far into the wheel wells (So I can fit bigger tires without rubbing).
I bought YJ brake lines to replace the stock lines because they are longer, as you can see here.

They didn't actually go in until the new axles went in.

Here is the car with the rear lift only done.
This is what I used for extending the front bump stops. It is a tent peg hammer I got at K-Mart for $2.00. I used a hack saw and cut the ends off and siliconed them to the spring pads.
This is the front springs going in. I used a bottle jack to jack the axle down so I could fit the lift springs in without a spring compresser. I put in springs that gave me 2 inches of lift this way. I don't think I would use this method for a longer spring than that.
You can also see the ruber bump stop I added. I added it to the front for the same reasons as I extended the rear bump stops.
This is the car after the front springs were in. When I measured I got 4.5¨ in the rear and only 2¨ in the front. I needed to level things out some. I bought some 1.75¨ spring spacers for the front that I put in when the new front axle went in.
Here is the new front axle going in. You can see the new Lower Control Arms I picked up going in as well. I got two more inches of droop with these arms over the stock ones.
Along with the new axle¸ and new control arms¸ the spring spacers went in.
When I bolted the axle in place I attached the Lower control arms first. Then I had to muscle the axle around to get the uppers to line up. If I ever have this appart again I will connect the uppers first and see if it is any easier to put back together that way.
The new front YJ line next to a stock XJ line.
Here is the other reason that YJ lines are better than the stockers. They are better protected from damage.
The stock lines exit out the rear of the caliper.
The YJ lines exit up the caliper and out of harm´s way.
Here is a look from the rear.
Now with the spacers in I am at 4¨ of lift front and rear.
another angle.

Money again. I got most of the lift stuff for free (Thanks Joey) I had to buy the Add a Leafs¸ $55.00 and I bought the LCA's used for $60.00¸ and the $2.00 for the hammer I cut up (the square tube I used for the rear bump stops I had left over from my rock rails).
The longer brake lines were $90.00. I could have gotten Braided Stainless Steel ones for that¸ and If I had it to do again I would. But the YJ lines look good and are better protected than the stock XJ lines.
All of this adds up to $207.00 for my $4500.00 trail rig.

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