Here are the mistakes I have made while doing this project. I hope this will help you not make the same mistakes.

The first mistake was only a money one. When making my Rock Rails I made a mis calculation on the angle Iron I needed to connect the crossmembers to the frame. When I made the measurement I forgot to take into account the radius on the unibody where the ¨Frame¨ rolled into the floorpan. This subtracted 1/4¨ from the distance. That meant that 3 1/2¨ angle would fit perfectly¸ instead of being too short as I had measured. This mistake cost me a whopping $10.00.

I failed to notice the crossmember on my car was bent. I crawled under my car before I bought it. I also spend some time under it when I was changing all the fluids. I even spent time under it when I had to re-adjust the transfercase linkage because it was not shifting properly (Gee! I wonder why it didn't shift right?)
I did not notice it was bent (and man is it bent good) untill I started looking how to attach my rock rails to the frame.
I found a new crossmember at a junkyard for $20.00.

I broke the spider gears in my rear D35 :-(

Here is what the spider gears are supposed to look like.
This is what mine looked like when I pulled them out. I wasn't abusing the thing either, HONEST!
I was just going around a corner and the inside tire hit a patch of ice. When it caught again BANG. I did however, have to drive about 15 miles like this before I got them replaced (Thanks Jon) Of course I have been on a few trails with this axle, that is just not when they broke.
D35's do not like turning big tires, I am currently running 33's.
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