Here is a list of the money I have spent so far, to keep track of that ¨Four Wheeler¨ Magazine article on the $4500.00 trail rig.

Money I have Spent and estimates of future costs

Jeep Itself   $2,500.00  
Stuff done already      
Radiator   $120.00 This includes shipping
Water pump & misc. hoses etc.   $110.00 This goes with the new radiator
Misc engine stuff   $125.00 I counted this because I knew I needed to change fluids & stuff when I bought the thing.
Rusty's air tube.   $70.00 Rusty's is here. This includes shipping.
Front disonnects   $20.00 Cherokee America style using your existing parts and some pins you need to buy.
Radio   $80.00 I got it at the Sony outlet store.
Front Amp & Speakers   $240.00 This is my daily driver so I wanted GOOD tunes.
Window Tinting   $30.00 How I did it.
Rock Rails   $144.00 I finished these. The page has been updated.
Axles¸ for the different gears in ´em.   $270.00 I got some 3.73 axles in the Junkyard and put new brakes on 'em.
Lift   $207.00 I have been given front springs for 3" of lift, saving here also!
Tires & Wheels   $35.00 I picked up the four FREE 31 X 10.50's… Such a Deal. I also scored some alloy rims for $100.00.
I sold the stock tires and wheels for $130.00¸ so the net cost of the new is $35.00.
Rear Bumper   $325.00 I got it at Custom 4X4 Fabrications I bought with insurance money, so I don't think it really counts, but here it is anyway.
Front Bumper   $128.00 The build page
Spent so far   $4,404.00 I have my trail rig now , and $96 left over out of the $4500.00.
Extra Stuff I did anyway      

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