OK. So the tires weren´t free. I paid a case of beer for them (Man! What would we barter with if beer didn´t exist?)
I also picked up some used alloy wheels. They were the exact style I was looking at buying new. They are narrower than I would have bought (7¨) and the backspacing is also more than ideal (3.75¨ vs 4.5¨ that I would have preferred)¸ but for the price of one new¸ I got all five.

Here is a picture of the wheels and tires all mounted and cleaned and ready to go on the car.
Here is the Jeep with them on

The money thing again. I paid $20 for the case of beer¸ $15.00 for the spare¸ $100.00 for the wheels¸ and $30.00 to have them mounted and balanced. That´s $165.00 towards my $4500.00 trail rig. Not bad at all.
UPDATE! I just sold my stock wheels for $130.00, so the net cost of the new tires and wheels is $35.00. Even better than before.

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