I got some axles at Pull and Save auto parts near DIA. I could not find any 4.10 gears but several cars had 3.73´s in them¸ so I took a set home for $140.00.

Here is a picture of the rear axle before going in. I put new brakes on it before putting it under my car including new wheel cylinders and drums. Hey I didn´t know how long the old stuff had been sitting so I wanted to be sure the car would stop when I put it in. That added $130.00 to the cost of the axles.
I also went from a C clip to a non C clip rear end with this swap¸ the new axles also has bigger brakes. 10¨ drums vs. the 9¨ that were on my old axles.
Here is the front axle going in. I pulled the stearing knuckles off of my axle and put them on the Junkyard axle for the brakes. I also got to keep my newer style front hubs and outer shafts with the swap. This will allow me to put in a one piece axle on the pass. side easier since Randy's Ring and Pinion has a kit that fits the newer style only. When I do that it will also upgrade me to the 297 U Joints up front.
This picture also shows my new Lower control arms. I picked up 2¨ of droop with these over the stock arms.
Here is a picture of the stearing knuckles and hubs side by side. I am not sure if you can see the differences here. The old style¸ on the right¸ bearing is not sealed. And on the knuckle the mount for the brake caliper is bolted on to the knucle where the new one is all one piece.

I learned something interesting while swapping the knuckles. Even though the nuts on the older (1985) axle and the newer (1991) axle look the same¸ I had to keep the nuts to the year axle they came on. I tried to put my ´91 nuts on with the ´91 knuckles but they would not tighten up properly. The ´85 nuts onto the ´85 studs did work however.

The Jeep costs thing. The new axles and brakes cost a total of $270.00. I count the cost of adding the brakes because I did not trust the Junkyard brakes¸ even though the car needed new rear brakes since the day I brought it home. I did not do the brakes because I knew I wanted the new axles and lower gears.

I have done my first real trail since putting these in. Everything worked great¸ no funny noises or anything. Which in truth is an improvement because the front axle that came with the car would ¨POP¨ when going up the simple hills I did with it in place.

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