I had to get a new tire, roasted the old one on the way out. Did not find one in Salinas or Monterey. My friend found one at a shop that is open Monday’s, so I got it.

Day One Home,
As such, I did not leave Lodi until 3 P.M. It was hot going up through Cali. I got tired early, so I just stopped in Lake Tahoe for the night. Gambled and relaxed.
Here is the Bike overlooking Lake Tahoe.
Only 120 Miles for the day
Day Two Home,
Got up and started out. Did not fill in Lake Tahoe, waited until Carson City. Because of this, I missed the turn for US 50. So I had to go up to Reno, then back to US 50.

Again, looking for marker, saying “Loneliest road” this time. Some stored had “I survived the loneliest road” took that picture.

I ended up finding out the road isn’t so lonely anyway. Just outside of Austin I got stopped by a Nevada State trooper (or whatever they call them). Well, maybe HE was lonely. But that was a very expensive conversation for me. Put on the rain gear, more rain, not too bad.
Had lunch in Austin. Got to take the rain gear off again. Just outside of Austin I found the loneliest road sign, so I got that picture too.
Just after the sign, three deer crossed the road, again not so lonely.
50 miles down the road, back into the rain gear. Left it on the rest of the day.
I got to Eureka, again feeling kind of tired, so I decided to cut out the loop into Idaho.

Coming into Ely, cool old Richfield station. Windows painted up to look like a car is on the lift and oil and misc stuff in the windows.

Again, wishing this station had gas, $0.34 a Gallon here.
Raining pretty hard on the way out of Ely. I had to slow up some because of the water on the road. In Eureka Utah, took the picture by the mining Headframe.
Sign at the Headframe.
Got to Spanish Fork, map says there is a camp ground just up the road. Guy in the gas station says so too. But instead I found the Pioneer day rodeo.
Again no camp site, so a hotel in Provo.
Mileage for the day 660.
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