Day Three Home,
Woke up to rain, no big deal. Just start out with the rain gear on. Kind of glad I didnít camp now because breaking camp in the mud would not have been fun. Provo up to Heber City saw road construction, very slow going. Nice road though. Will be nice when they finish. Highway 40 through Utah is a nice road, good scenery, just not much to take pictures of. Lunch in Vernal, less than 200 miles for the day so far. Slow going with the rain and construction.
Rain gear off in Vernal, and headed into Colorado and toward Dinosaur and Dinosaur national monument. Stopped for the picture, but not much else to see.
Just this rain waiting for me off in the distance.
Just outside Craig had to stop and put the rain gear on again, it stayed on the rest of the trip.
Another little stop for a photo.
Craig to Steamboat Springs, not much to see. Maybe Iím just getting tired.
After Steamboat, some good roads again, Rabbit Ears pass, then on through Cameron Pass, very good riding.
Nice little last canyon before getting home. But I now feel I must mention something, I killed my third bird of the trip here.
On the way out, while in Utah I hit a bird with my left shoulder, it came out of nowhere and hit my hand then shoulder, dead.
Got another one in Nevada, I saw this one coming and tried to avoid it, but a solid hit again on my left shoulder, 2 ex birds.
This last one though, he wanted to die right away, straight into my faceshield. I am surprised the shield did not break. What is it about seeing me on a bike makes these birds want to kill themselves??

Just a stop for dinner in Fort Collins then home.

Mileage for the day 516.
Mileage for the Trip 3736.
1 Rear Tire.
2 Speeding Tickets.
3 Birds.

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