Yes, Saturn uses casting numbers.

Casting numbers are how the factory would tell if you head (or block) was involved in the recall or defect.

Here is a picture of the head on the '96 motor as it sits on an engine stand. It is in the front of the engine, on the number 1 cylinder. It is an A-205 casting. If you have a '96 with this casting number on the head, yours will crack like mine and many others have.
Here is a view, also showing the block casting number.
Here is a picture of the new (junkyard) engine in the car. It is out of a '99. All the information I have says only '96 and early '97 cars have the problem with the head. So I should be good.
So far, with 10,000 mile on the engine, no problems.
This is a casting number B-307
Here is a shot, showing you where to look to find the number as the engine sits in your car. It is in the front of the engine, number one cylinder, between the engine and the firewall. You can also see the power steering reservoir here.