Trip to Laguna Seca, with Tahoe and the 49er Highway on the way home.

Well, Gary, Mike and I went on one of our yearly trips to the USGP at Laguna Seca. As usual we planned a little trip for the way home, this time to Lake Tahoe and the 49er Highway.

Here is a gas stop on the way up. Nothing real exciting but we took a picture anyway.
This isn't a page about the races at Laguna Seca, so I'll skip that part now.

After a night in Lake Tahoe, we hit the road, going to explore the 49'er highway. Heidi's looked good (it was great) but before breakfast, I asked Gary if he thought we really had time for breakfast, "Oh Yea!" he says.

But this is the sky we were looking at.
And this is the traffic we saw all the way around the lake. Lots of construction. So while time passed, the weather came in. It alternated between rain, sleet and snow the whole time around the lake.
When we hit Highway 80 and headed west, we booked it west until we got out from under the rain.
After a stop to dry off, we headed down the 49er to gold country. The 49er highway runs through gold country in California, which includes Sutter's Mill, which is where gold was first discovered in California.
This is the actual mill that was used back in the mid 1800's.
After the 49er highway, we went through Sequoia National park.
This is one of the biggest trees in the forest, they call it the General Sherman tree.
And another view.
Here is a slice the cut from a tree. The rings date back to before Christ's birth.
I took this picture to try and show how small my motorcycle is amongst all of the trees.

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