Installing the Pro Oiler on my RF 900

I found this little gadgit while searching for chain oilers on the internet. I like the idea of making chain maintenance much easier. Espicially since this bike has no center stand. Yes it is a little spendy, but it seemed worth it to me.

The directions that come witht the oiler are very detailed. There are also pictures on their web site to help you with the install, so this will not be a step by step. Just a general overview.

Here are all the works installed under the seat. They fit real nice under there. I do not like how the outlet of the oil container bends, but I have no choice. There are no issues with it though.

As you can see, I siliconed the oil bottle in place. I used the zip ties to hold it in place while the silicone dried. I ended up leaving it on because it keeps the cap from unscrewing.

I placed the controller on the tach. I can't read below 2000 RPMs, but I don't miss that. I like this location better than where they show it on the Pro-Oiler site. I think it is easier to reach in case you have to make a change on the fly.
This is where I mounted the pick up for the wheel. I have also already moved it from here. I had forgotten about removing the wheel when I mounted it here. It is now on a small aluminum mount I made that is bolted to the rear disc mount.
I routed the pick up wire with the rear brake line.
This is the oil nossle itself. It was a pain to mount it to the swing arm. It was hard to drill and tap the holes. But it works very well now that it is mounted.
This is the routing of the oil line. The directions tell you to put the line under the plastic chain runner, But they don't show a picture of that on their web site. But I do here.
OK, after 500 miles with the Pro-Oiler installed, it is time to give the bike another bath. This is how thw wheel looked before. Very dusty, but not any real oil on it to speak of, not like the overspray from aerosol chain lubes. You can also see some oil on the chain gaurd. I think this is mostly because when the oiler was first installed, I had the oil delivery turned up, Which is how they suggest you do it, slowly back off on oil delivery. I will have to see how it looks now that I am pumping a little less oil.

Also notice how nice and clean the chain looks.

The rear wheel after a simple wash. I used the same water I used on the rest of the bike, no scrub brush and Simple Green just to clean the muck off. Yes I did use the green scrubbie side of the sponge, but still much eisier to clean than before.
OK, back from the USGP and 3700 miles, time for an update.
I adjusted the chain when I put the Pro Oiler on, just 1000 miles after putting the new rear tire on and adjusting it them.
I kept a close eye on the chain the whole trip. The chain did great and did not need an adjustment until I got home. So about 1500 miles runnig around town, then 3700 miles and finally another adjustment needed.

Overall I like the Pro Oiler a LOT.

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