This is my ride report for my trip to the Moto GP race in Monterey for 2009. I wanted to get some sights in I hadn't seen before so I headed North before going West.

I Went up to Glacier National Park before heading out to the Races.

Day One
Packed and ready to go. A few more items than last year. I brought the tent this time because I missed having it last year. I like having the option to camp when I want to.
I cheated the start again by Heading to Laramie Wyoming on Friday after work before the real start.
Day Two
There is definatly some nice scenery in Wyoming.
And some interesting stories.
I stopped in Cody to see the Buffalo Bill museum.
Some nice stuff in here. I will not post too many. A few of the mounts.
Downstairs is the gun room.
It is quite a collection.
This is just a small sample.
From Cody I went to the Chief Joseph scenic highway.
From Chief Joseph to Bear tooth pass.
A little view of what lies head for me.
A nice German couple offerd to take my picture so I could actually be in one of my own shots.
A lake near the top of Beartooth.
My welcome to Montana.
I stopped at a rest area on the Montana side of Beartooth.
The trees up here look like the wind bay blow up here once in a while.
The panorama.
And again the road I am about to be on.
GPS tried to get me to take a dirt road, I didn't like the looks of it, so I strayed from my programed route. About three miles later I was on route again because the dirt road it tried to send me on rejoined the main road.
The GPS tried to send me on a dirt road again near Red Lodge. Decided this looked OK so I tried it. It was a dead end in two miles. Guess the GPS map needs an update.
I stopped and camped at a comunty camp ground in Laurel.
648 Miles for the day
The campground had a sign about the Nex Perce indians trail of tears.
Day Three
Got a late start to the day, about 8:45.
Just outside of Laurel GPS sent me on a dirt road again. This one was at least a good farm service road. About 17 miles, not too bad. Better that the last one.
Nice scenery here in Montana. right after this shot I head between these ridges into a nice canyon.
Another reminder about the nez perce.
A monument about Chief Joseph.
A stop just for the picture.
And another.
The Blackfeet nation also had a nice welcome for me.
But notice how proud all the flags are here. Wind became an issue. It was gusting so hard I had to slow down. At speed the wind woud amost push me off the road. Slowing down reduced how far sideways I went with each gust.
After the nice welcome I got an unwelcome surprize. While stopped in Browning for gas I was met by the rudest people I had ever come across. I am originally from Los Angeles, but these eople were on another level.
I can understand, a little, being in a hurry in the city. Too many people to deal with, they are all going where you are so it takes longer.
But you would have though all of these people were an hour late for a meeting or something.
After filling I moved my bike and went into the convience store for a little snack. I stood outside and ate it and watched the scene.
At least I learned that it wasn't me. They were as rude to each other as they were to this stranger. Oh well.
Where I was stopping for the night was just 18 miles short of the Canadia border. So I thought I would run up and get a picture of the crossing.
I did not have my passport with me so I did not want to get too close and answer the questions so this is the best shot I could get.
I wanted to stop well before dark, so I stopped in St Mary. KOA campground so not really camping but nice
They had showers and a hot tube, yea!
While setting up I noticed uneaven wear on my front tire, I believe from leaning into the wind all day. I wonder how many miles are left in this tire??
423 Miles for the day.
Day Four
Before setting out in the morning I took a few pictures of the view from this side of Glacier National Park.
The entrance to Glacier.
A nice stopp on the way through the park
I would like to have taken more pictures, but one lane roads prevented my stopping just for pictures. Very nice views though.
I headed South out of the Park. Stopped for a photo at an abandoned building.
The one right next to it was not fairing as well.
Headed along route 200 into Idaho, followed a little river. It was a nice ride.
A close up of the sign.
It is a short distance across Idaho up here, Washington came up very fast.
My tire wear concerns growing, I decided to head south toward civilization and find a tire tomorrow. Stayed the night in Kennewick Washington.
505 Miles for the day.
Day Five
Headed into Portland Oregon for the tire change. Calls during the overnight stop netted me a place that had tires for me in stock.
Highway 84 along the Columbia, Highway 14 is on the other side. I expected to see more trees.
It was interesting to see the windmills...
as well as the dams along the river.
Much greener after the Dales. More like what I expected, so many trees you can't see anything else.
Now I am not sure why, but I have not started these treks to Monterey with new tires these last couple of years. This year I did check tire wear and thought I would be good, but no.
Now, the night before I made several calls and did find a shop with tires in stock who said they would "squeeze me in"
But BMW motorcycles of Western Oregon did much better than that. I showed up near lunch time and brought my bike back to the service area. Unloaded my junk and let them have the bike. They have a nice customer area where I dropped my gear. Then they loaned me a bike so I could run out and get lunch as well as pick up a few things.
I was barley gone over an hour. I got back and returned the loaner bike and headed to the customer lounge to wait for my bike to be "Squeezed in" with all the other service they had going on. Much to my surprize the bike was already done and ready for me to hit the road!
Needless to say I was very happy with this service (and 180 degrees out from what I got last year at Long Beach BMW, STAY AWAY)
So hats off to BMW Motorcycles of Western Oregon for getting me on the road quickly. Also got a recomendation from their service guy to head down to Crater Lake, so I did.
I headed down to Roseburg to catch Hwy 138 into Crater Lake.
On the way a most intersting thing happened, a guy bought me a tank of gas. The cashiers at the sytation said the guy paid for my fill up. He says he did it because he tours on a bicycle and admires what I am doing on this motor driven thing. Very Nice.

Entrance to the Park. I was hoping to find camping here, but there was none inside the park.

A little plaque explaining the short desert I just rode through.
You look one way and there is quite a space.
But the other way is right on the edge of the trees.
My bike and the moon.
Another shot on the way up to the lake.
Do I bring enough stuff with me?
Crater Lake.
And my bike by Crater Lake.

After the lake I was still feeling good, and since I didn't find the camping I wanted I decided to press on. I ended up stoppig in Klamath Falls because it was too dark to ride.
567 Miles for the day.

Day Six
After the detour due to tires I was back on track and headed to Lassen Volcanic NAtional Park. Not too much to see on the way.
Nice views and nice roads in Lassen.
Another of the nice vistas.
While having lunch on a picnic bench in the park two guys also on bikes pulled up and we had a chat. They asked where I was headed. Now by this time I have done all I had planned on my way down to Monterey. My friend I was going to visit was out of town so no real plans from here to Monterey. They told me about Highway 36. 140 miles of twisties and no Highway patrol. Sounds like a plan is forming.
36 runs from Red Bluff to Highway 101 on the California coast. Now the last few days I have been north and in upper elevations. I started heading down to Red Bluff and it got hot. Yuck.
Where Highway 36 startes just outside of Red Bluff.
It is a very nice road and I did not see any police of any kind on it. It also rose in elevation as it headed to the coast so it cooled off nicly. Close to the Coastal Highway there are some houses and it goes down to one lane, be carefull because the locals are not used to seeing anyone on their road.
On the way down 101 I spotted a sign saying I could drive through a tree.
I had to take the detour and do it. I mean come on, how many times are you going to get the chance to ride through a tree?
Well, apparently at least twice.
Not too much else to see on the way to Monterey. Good days riding though. 586 Miles for the day.
Now lets get into what we get to see at the track.
At the USGP
Besides the great racing there are always some interesting things to see
Like the Air Force's idea of a monster truck.
Maybe a cool old Cafe' racer.
Or even cooler, a past champion.
You might get to meet some girls who want you to tune into the speed channel.
Or like these girls. They really wanted me to forgive Dani Pedrosa for taking out Nicky Hayden.
Or these girls who wanted me to...Um, Nevermind.
You also might get to see someone's I dea of what the next big thing in Motorcycles is going to be.
No, Really
You could find a truly excellent way to deal with those brain dead cagers.
Or maybe how to lean without fear of falling over.
Or maybe you'll just meet 100,000 others who also love to watch the races like you do.
The way home
Unfortunatly, my work needed me back as soon as possible after the races so a very uneventful Bomb run over I 80 brought me home.
The highlight was this stop at Bonniville.
3923 miles total for the trip. As always I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

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