Day Three
Headed out in the morning took highway 20 through Idaho. It still seems the local police and I have different definitions of "the middle of nowhere" because I was graced with another special driving award as I crossed the vast nothingness near Idaho National Labs.
He is a little picture, kind of the Grand Canyon, but not really.
I took 20 up to Challis. the 75 along the Salmon river to the 21 down to Boise. All nice canyon roads.
At the transition from the 75 to the 21, I went through Stanley. It was the only small stretch that was not canyon.
I stopped for a picture on the 21.
Nice and tight along this section.
I stopped in Boise for dinner. It was 99 degrees at 9:00 at night. Not exactly what I was looking forward to.
I made it into Oregon
And stopped at this great little hotel for the night in Jordan Valley.
531 miles for the day
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