This is my ride report for my trip to the Moto GP race in Monterey for 2008. I of course had a great time, took a lot of pictures.

I split this up into several pages so you don't have to wait forever for all the pictures to load

Day One and Two
Started out the night before. 98 easy boring miles into Laramie. Good thing I did too because I discovered that I had an oil leak. Got my riding pants covered.
My left cylinder head cover was leaking. I will have to fix it in the morning.
This is also my first trip with a GPS. All miles will be GPS miles.
Fixed the oil leak. I found that the rubber gasket around the spark plug hole was cocked. I could not get it to seat right if I put it on the cover and tried to seat it that way. So I seated it in the recess on the head with an allen wrench and put the cover back on. No leaks for the rest of the trip.
Stopped in Howell for gas, got their last 5.8 gallons. It took 20 minutes to get it. It was my own fault. I did not fill up in Laramie, and now was worried about the next stop.
I saw these signs for the Sand Creek Massacre Trail. I kept watching for a sign for the site, but never saw one.
I googled it when I got home and it occurred in Colorado. No wonder I didn't see the site in Wyoming.
Just a stop for a picture.
Stopped in Shoshoni for lunch. Then on to Yellowstone.
Entrance to Yellowstone
Most of my pictures in Yellowstone did not come out very well, poor lighting. But I put a few up anyway.
Interesting rock formations.
Out on the other side. This is where I stopped for the night.
I met a couple of people out on their Honda Valkuries, and learned some tricks for my GPS from them.
643 miles for the two days
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