Day Two,
Started off from Delores and headed down to Four Corners. Not much to see, just as I was warned. But now I can say I have been there.
Only found one place where I could park the bike and get a picture that said Four Corners, so here it is.
I then backtracked and headed to Aneth and Montezuma Creek. I had been warned that gas may not be at every town on the reservations, but I had no trouble filling up.
Here is a simple stop to look at the scenery
I was on 163 heading towards Mexican Hat, but took ‘Valley of the Gods” road instead. The clerk last night had said it was a good dirt road and I would be able to make it. It is a good solid road, quite a bit of washboard on it, but well packed. It was around a 13 miles detour, well not really a detour, It came out on 261, where I wanted to be anyway, that is another reason I tried it, it did not take me out of my way.
I took quite a few pictures on the road, I think the scenery is well worth the effort to try the road.
Here is a gallary of all the pictures I took on this "Valley of the Gods" road. Clicking on this picture will take you there.
When I did get on 261, almost immediately it starts climbing, To top that off, three miles of it is dirt. Met two guys on Nortons here (we stopped at the sign warning of the gravel road ahead). They were headed to the Norton rally, which is the same weekend as Laguna Seca, so they were missing the races, but meeting up with other Norton owners. Now, my bike runs well, but not great when you get above 6000 feet. Slow switchbacks bring out this problem. I had to keep on the clutch in some corners to keep the revs up so the bike would run. I stopped at the top and took some more pictures, some of them are of the Valley of the Gods, which I had just ridden through.
Headed through the Glen Canyon area, again great views. I was worried about gas again, so stopped at a little store right at the lake. The store is only open 11 to 3, but the clerk says the gas pumps are 24 hours if you have a credit card.
Here I am looking back down at the station, it is on the right edge of this picture.
And another picture of the lake (Lake Powell) and the canyon. Very low right now
Lunch at Hanksville, went through town to see what the options were. Backtracked on a secondary road and found this gas station.
I wish they had gas because the pumps said 44 cents a gallon for premium
Gas station I did stop at was carved into solid rock.
Next was Highway 12, this was recommended to me by someone I met out at Lake Granby two weeks earlier, very nice road. And Trees, I did not expect to see those in Utah. Pine and Aspen, like we have here in Colorado.
I stopped taking pictures in Utah. There were still great views, but I said “I already have one that looks a lot like that” so didn’t stop any more. But the scenery was still great.
Then back down to the desert, and up to trees again leading into Cedar City. Now I must mention, there were a lot of camp sites on the way into Cedar City, but I felt it was too early to stop. I had dinner in Cedar City, then on west to look for a place to stop for the night, nothing. The sun crept lower and lower into the sky and nothing. Finally, just inside Nevada there was a county park, with obvious signs it is used for overnight camping (and no signs says “No overnight camping”) perfect. It was a race getting the tent set up before dark. I got it done, but didn’t finish writing my notes before dark, finished those by flashlight.
This picture was taken in the morning.
Mileage for the day 570.
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