This is my ride report for my trip to the Moto GP race in Monterey for 2007. I of course had a great time, took a lot of pictures.

I split this up into several pages so you don't have to wait forever for all the pictures to load

Day One,
So, here is Jed Clampett ready to leave on his epic journey. With the way I have the bike loaded down I was leaving for a month or something.
Left the house later than I wanted to, 9:00. I-25 went fine, but there was a lot of construction on I-70. Had to stop and put the rain gear on, rained on some, but it stopped before I reached Glenwood Springs and I started getting warm. Had Lunch in Glenwood Springs, took the rain gear off again.
After Carbondale, 133 was a nice road. I was doing about 60 when a guy two up flew past me. I decided to speed up and see how fast he was going, 95 to 100. Stopped for my first picture shortly after that.
Had to stop and put the rain gear back on. After the clouds cleared it got hot again. It was 97 degrees in Montrose when I stopped again and removed the rain gear. Stopped in Placerville for a picture, I liked the look of the store.
A few stops along 145 for some more scenery pictures.
I stopped in Rico, got the pictures coming into town. I was going to get dinner here, but the town was closed.
I have often complained about the lack of good Mexican food in Colorado, but I did find some in Delores Colorado. The clerk at the Hotel is originally from Switzerland. We had a nice talk about bikes and what route I was taking out. He suggested a little side trip which I did take, you will read about it on tomorrow’s page.
Mileage for the day 515.
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