This is my ride report for my First official Iron butt ride.

I did not take many pictures this ride at all, so it will be mostly just text. I will throw in some maps of my route.

I wanted to do an Iron butt ride for a while. If you are not familiar with them you can find their web site here.
I have some long days in the saddle so I knew it was possible. I wanted to go down and visit a friend of mine in Tucson, I thought this would be a good chance, so I planned the ride. Initial looks at the mileage revealed that it is only 950 miles from my house to my friends, so I would have to add some mileage somehow. I found that if I went through Flagstaff on the way, this added the needed mileage to make the 1000 miles needed for the Saddlesore 1000 ride. Not the most exciting way to do a 1000 mile day, all interstate. But it would get to me Tucson for the weekend and get my ride in.
Plans being what they are, of course mine got altered. I had originally wanted to leave right after work on Thursday and make as many miles before taking a break at nightfall as possible. But the day of my departure I got invited to a birthday party in Boulder. Mileage would still be enough, but now departure time was moved back.
So, time for departure. Now instead of making some real miles I was only going to make it down to Pueblo so I would miss the traffic of Denver and Colorado Springs Friday Morning. So start form signed I filled up in Boulder and started my adventure at 9:02 P.M. Un eventful ride to Pueblo, stopped for the night in a motel 6 to get some sleep and ready myself for the big day.
Got into Pueblo at 11:05. Only 137.9 miles so far.
6:15 A.M. getting gas before departing Pueblo. The real ride starts now. I still have 900 miles to go and a little less than 15 hours to do them.
In Springer New Mexico for gas. Went in to pay and had to go back out to my bike and get my camera. There were a few classic cars in the lobby.
281.6 miles so far.
On the road again. not too much to see here. Just putting in the miles. Stop for gas in Albuquerque, need the receipt for verification, this is a turn to the west now.
Mileage so far 470.9
Headed west to get my extra miles. Stopped in Gallup for gas and Lunch. Had a nice leisurely lunch, no rush. I was doing good on time and was sure I would make Tucson on time.
Mileage so far 614.6
Gallup to Holbrook. Last time I was through Holbrook, I had heard there is a hotel of TEE PEE's like the cozy cone in the movie "Cars". I did not see it last time, so I looked this time. I still did not see it. I was through Holbrook again on the way home and again looked. I must not know what I am really looking for because I still don't know where it is and I have since seen pictures. Oh well.
Mileage so far 708.6
Had to stop just before Holbrook for a milestone picture of my bike, 9 aces.
Onward to Flagstaff. About half way to Flagstaff along I 40 there is a meteor crater. I am going to have to come back this way when I am not in a hurry and take a peak. I believe I was there as kid once on a family vacation, but of course don't really remember much.
A simi interesting thing happened on the way into Flagstaff, I had my cruise control set, so I was maintain a steady speed. As we were nearing I noticed a Toyota Prius as it passed me. But a little later I passed it back up. Then it passed me again. And then I caught it again. I wondered what was going on. I noticed it had 4 college age kids in it. OK, so using mom and dads car., no big deal. Then I began to notice, as the road rose and fell, climbing into Flagstaff, the Prius would pass me on the downhill sections. And I would pass it back up on the uphill sections. Apparently the maximum uphill speed of a Prius with four passengers is 70 MPH.
Another stop for gas, needed the receipt too because I was changing directions again. Now south toward Phoenix.
Mileage so far 806.6
Big tall map for not so many words. Uneventfully down to phoenix. Had to stop in Phoenix for gas. Not sure if I needed the receipt for route proof or not, but I did need it because I could not have made it from Flagstaff all the way to Tucson without some more fuel.
Mileage so far 955.3
Final leg. Did have some traffic to deal with getting out of (and through) Phoenix but not too bad. Now I did not head all the way into Tucson proper, my friend actually lives in Marana. The sun was getting very low on the horizon as I neared my destination, but I could smell victory, so no worries
So a stop for gas on the outskirts of Tucson and my final receipt. Time on this pump did not match with the clock on my bike or the time stamp on my start receipt but, Final gas in Tucson at 8:08. Finished the ride with 56 minutes to spare.
Total mileage 1046
All in all not too bad of a day. I think having real cruise control on the bike helped a lot. I was tired at the end but not too bad. And again, not the best way to make 1000 miles in a day. But when I go for my Bun Burner 1500, that would be 1500 miles in under 36 hours, I think I can be a little more creative and still not fell pushed to make the miles.

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