This is my ride report for my trip to the World Superbike in 2009. It is also the first time I have taken my son on an overnight trip.

I was concerned about my son's ability to stay awake and alert during the trip, so I bought an intercom to use on the trip. It has been a great addition to all rides where I have a passenger.

Here we are (well my son anyway) loaded and ready to roll.
I have to tell a story on myself here.
I did not fill before we left. I figured we could stop in Cheyenne and get gas. But when we got to Cheyenne I wanted to make the turn West before gitting off the highway to look for gas. Only problem being that there are no gas stops on I-80 on the west side of town.
No problem, a quick check of the GPS and we show only 25 miles to the next gas. BMW says this tank is 5.5 gallons, some quick math and no problem. We push on to the gas.
But there is a problem. Just as we get to the exit for gas. Right as I signal and start to pull in front of the 18 wheeler for the off ramp, No power! We are OUT of gas. Luckily we made it off without incident.
After coasting as much as we could I pushed the bike up to the pump. The tank only took 5.2 gallons.
OK. Lesson learned. Don't push the gas stops. Especially two up.
West side of Wyoming and a lot of wind turbines, so we stopped for a picture.
Just outside of Park City we stopped for another picture.
This time I got into the act as well.
World Superbike in America is at Miller Motorsports Park. The have a nice little museum on site. I think they must own most of the Ford GT's that still exist.
We bought Grandstand seats and had a great view.
Tooele Grand Stands for those who might want to know.
At least one Ben Spies fan made it out.
I saw this wondering around, Yamaha XS 650 motor in a dual sport frame, nice.
They way home was a little hurried. I had to be at work on Tuesday, so not much time for fun.
We did stop for a couple of pictures though.
Top of the pass. We had just got hailed on a little, luckily just a little.
A bit over 1200 miles for my son's first ride. He did great.
Especially considering the ride home was a long day. I was tired when we finally reached home.

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