Installing the Garmin GPS on my K 1200 RS

I wanted to put a GPS on my bike. Thought the routing would make travel easier, and it does. I bought the Garmin 450. I didn't feel having street names spoken and XM radio built in was worth the extra money for the 550.

I wanted power to the unit all the time. That way, every time I stopped for fuel I didn't have to Restart the GPS and enter the unlock code.

OK, this all starts off with a RAM mount. The GPS came with ram mounts that would work on traditional handlebars which the K RS does not have. I looked through the book and found this one that goes on top of a brake or clutch master cylinder. My bike has both so I could choose which side I wanted it mounted on. I chose the clutch side.
I put several zip ties on the wires on the way back. The gold connector you see is a stereo extension for the audio output from the GPS. I can then connect this directly to my in ear monitors I wear or my intercomm if I have a passenger.
Continuing on the way back I attached the stereo wire and the GPS power wire to the electrics already leaving the handlebar on their own way back under the tank.
Here we are all the way at the back of the tank. I used on of the brake lines to hold the wire in place.
I of course fuesed the battery connection. This connection also powers my intercomm, that is why there is a 10 amp fuse and not just sized for the GPS.
Here is the wiring and fuse tucked up in with the battery in place.
And the ground connection.
Here the tool try is put back in place on top of the battery.
I wrapped the wiring in some bubble wrap to protect the individual fuses for the GPS and the intercomm.
And here the unit is mounted, but before I put all the plastic back on. I love having the GPS but I have also found that I still need paper maps. If you need to vary from your pre-planned route it is much easier to do with maps that use the little GPS screen.
Another note, after living with it for a while, I like using the built in MP3 player, but if I had to do it again I would have spent the extra to get the XM radio.

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