Welcome to Karl's Garage

Hello, I'm Karl. And I am a gear head.

There, I admitted it. They say the first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

This is a new host for my page. It all started with a page for my Jeep Cherokee. hopefully it will continue to help others out.

I am going to keep that up, but it will all be here now. I don't have the Cherokee any more, Maybe another one later, but bikes are it again for now.

I have always intended to add motorcycle pages to my web site. I finally have some of that up.

Before I had a four wheeler, I had a motorcycle. Several actually. I always wanted to put these up, and I am final starting.
My last 3 bikes were BMW's, and if things go well, I will have another one again soon.

I got back into riding on a Suzuki RF 900. I bought it from a friend of mine. He had crashed both sides of it and finally stopped riding it. I bought it from him and fixed the plastic. Now I wish I had taken some before picture because I think the repairs look good.

2008 update, I am again on a BMW. I am on my second one this year as a matter of fact. Just continue to scroll down the page to see them

2010 update, I now have a Ducati. I have always wanted one, but stayed away to the high maintenance on them. I guess this is now my chance to see if the horror stories are all true. Again keep scrolling down to see the newest addition.

2013 update, well I sold theDucati. Yes I have always wanted one. But could not keep up with the maintenance. I chickened out on doing it myself, which would have helped. But in the end I have to sell it. I will own one again, when it will not be my only bike. Again keep scrolling down to see the newest addition.

2015 update, Sold the Yamaha and got another K 1200 RS. Again keep scrolling down to see the newest addition.

2016 update, Well that didn't last long. Look HERE to see why. Again keep scrolling down to see the newest addition.

2017 update, Things are changeing too fast around here. Wonder if I have a new bike? Keep scrolling down.

Old Rides Here are some old rides from before the internet and before digital cameras. I am going to add to this as I scan images when I have time. That is if I ever do.
Laguna Seca and Tahoe The way home from Laguna Seca which incldes stops at Tahoe, the 49er highway, and Sequoia National park
Sears point and Highway 1  
Yosemeite and Laguna Seca  
New Rides These are rides after I started this web page. I am going to try and keep up. My Plan is to update each fall as the riding season ends.
Laguna Seca, 2007 The way to and from Laguna Seca 2007
Moto GP only Skip the ride report and look at the bikes and Umbrella girls.
Laguna Seca, 2008 The way to and from Laguna Seca 2008 Sorry, No Umbrella Girls this year.
My first Iron Butt ride How to make it from Loveland to Tucson, and achieve someting at the same time.
World Superbike 2009
Also first ride for my son
World Superbike with my son, 2009
Moto GP 2009 Moto GP 2009. My trip to the festivities.
A "REAL" adventure
World Superbike 2016
World Superbike 2016

Bikes and bike mods  
Installing the Pro Oiler on my RF 900 Pro-Oiler
Installing the GPS on my K1200 RS GPS
Making the rack for the trunk on my ST4s Trunk Mount
My experience with Tires Tires
Adding an HID Projector to the Ducati HID Install
Removing a failed ABS/Servo brake unit from my R 1100 S ABS Removal
Does Conventional Oil cool better than Synthetic? OIl (Ugh!)

This is how I got back into BMW's. I called up a local shop to ask what I should worry about on an older R 1100 RS I was looking at on Craigslist. They asked me what I was looking for, and replied "We have a nice one we just took in on trade." I went down and looked at it, and bought it.

I had some issues with the transmission on the R RS. While it was in being repaired, I spotted this little thing. It had been neglected by it's previous owner, only 8500 miles on it in four years. So I decided to give it a good home.
This is the only shot I have of it not in front of my house so far.

I decided on the way home from Laguna Seca in 2010 I wanted a different Bike. When I got home 4 were on my short list. And what do you know, a local shop had a 2002 Ducati ST4s. So far I am loving the bike.

After my last trip on the Ducati, I have not been riding it due to the fact that maintenancewas due. My own fault for not diving in and learning to do the valve adjust myself, but there it is. Much like my last search, I had a short list, but this time there was only one bike on it. It was just a matter of what color I found. It doesn't move like the Duck, but I can do all of the maintenance myself.

I picked up this nice Yamaha Royal Star Venture from the same friend who sold me the Suzuki. It is going to be a great two up bike. Finally on the way to a multi bike garage.

I sold the Yamaha and got myself another K 1200 RS.

A little misshap with the K RS,(Look here for the story) and now I have this nice Triumph Tiger 1050.

The Triumph was a good bike, great engine. But the saddlebags were small. So I had to make a decision, put some aftermarket bags on the Triumph or get a new bike. So I got this R 1200 ST.

I really liked the R 1200 ST. Honest! I should stay off Craigs list, cause I saw this 2016 R 1200 RS with only 1200 miles on it for real cheap, so I went to go look at it. The engine on this is phenominal, so it's mine now. Savy viewers will notice the saddlebags, I painted them blue myself.

Like I said at the beginning, I'm a gear head. This is what the garage looks like now.

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