Day Four
Oregon may have some very lovely scenery, but my path through it found none. This is what I saw most of the way. And to top that off. Oregon has 55 MPH speed limit, and seeing that I had already received a special driving award for this trip, I was inclined to keep from getting one the rest of my vacation.
As I rode down 395 towards California, I came across what appeared to be an Alkali Lake. Lake Abert maybe?.
Anyway It had a weird haze hanging over it.
As I rode past I saw no signs of life along the lake, which is what lead me to believe it was an Alkali Lake.
It was a strange piece of scenery, to me anyway, as I passed it.
I made it to California.
I stopped at Eagle lake for a picture. There was a haze here too, but for a different reason. California was on fire.
Not long after I stopped for this picture I called a friend of mine who lives in Lodi. I made arrangements to meet him at his place and have dinner with him. Just two miles down the road from that I was detoured because of the fires. Instead of being able to take 36 down to interstate 5, I was routed along Hwy 89 and Lake Almanor down to Hwy 70. It was a nice ride, but added stress to me because I had set a time to meet in Lodi. When I finally got out of the canyon (again a very nice place to ride) it was 5 minutes from when I had told my friend I would be at his place and I was still almost 100 miles away. It all made for a long day 13 hours from the time I set off in the morning until I got to my friends house. I was still able to meet up with him and I had a story to tell to boot.
700 miles for the day
Nothing else interesting from here to Monterey (Salinas actually). So the story will pick up on my way home.
The way home.

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