The Way Home. Days 1, 2 and 3
So, let's see. I spend four days at the races. Rode down to Southern California with a guy who now blames me for his addiction to attending MC races (I took Gary up to Laguna Seca for his first race)
Then I spent a couple of days visiting my sister before heading home.

It was July, and I was heading out through Vegas, so I started off at night. It didn't help much.
They were doing road construction as I approached Baker California. It was 99 degrees in the dark as we poked along the construction near Baker.
I saw 6 bars on my oil temp gauge here.
Luckily it cooler off as we climber out of Baker. It started to warm again just as I reached Vegas. Glad I was stopping for the night.

278 Miles to Vegas

On the way out of Vegas I had to stop for a little commemorative photo.
Into Arizona. Along this route you are not in Arizona for very long (Hwy 15).
It was already starting to heat up for the day.
So shortly there after I was in Utah.
This is just before the entrance station to Zion National Park.
Luckily for me it was now starting to cool off again.
Entrance station to Zion.
Zion was beautiful. Unfortunately there were not many places to pull over for pictures..
It was a very simple two lane road with no shoulder. So I stopped where I could and took pictures.
People who were riding two up had it covered. The passengers had the cameras out and were snapping away.
Mount Carmel Junction for Lunch.
I stopped short of asking who the "HO" was who made the pies.
After Lunch I headed to Hwy 12.
At this stop between Escilante and Boulder I found someone's camera bag. Do you notice it in the picture?
It had three nice Nikon lenses in it. I took it with me, trying to figure out how I would get it back to it's owner.
A little further down the road I can upon a local cop who had a fellow rider pulled over for speeding. I gave the bag to the local sheriff and I ended up riding with the other motorcyclist (Phil) the rest of the day.
A stop at the Capitol Reef National Monument book store.
Glen Canyon region. I took several pictures out here. This is one of the best.
Phil's and my bikes, again in the Glen Canyon area.
P.S. It was very hot out here.
Phil and I continued to ride together until our stop for the night.
In the morning we were going in sperate directions.

625 miles for the day

Final day home.
I had over estimated (or under) some times and now I was down to one day to make it the rest of the way back. As such, This was the only stop for a picture on the way home
Wolf Creek Pass

542 miles for the day

As always, a great way to spend your vacation. On your bike.
Only problem this trip was the one driving award. Other than that a great trip.
I am already looking forward to next year.
The GPS said I did a total of 3752 miles, and I know I did not have it on the bike for any of the running around we did on race weekend.

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